Simms River Camo 01

Because Fish Aren't Blind...


Veil Camo was founded in 2012 and is a company that specialises in scientifically engineered concealment camouflage and goes beyond just creating pleasing camouflage patterns. They use a scientific approach to camouflage design and strive to implement technological advances in the way camouflage is created and functions. When looking specifically at fishing, Veil Camo has developed an advanced solution for anglers around the world.

> Camouflage and colours found in nature that interfere with the fish’s ability to see and perceive colour.

> Shape & distortion influenced by the river environment and the way water manipulates light.

> Strong breakup with both large and small shape distortion that works at any distance.


  • Fish are able to see a wider spectrum of colour than humans.
    • More red and blue sensitivity
    • Less green sensitivity
    • See well into the UV spectrum
  • Fish are sensitive to movement and shape recognition.
  • The deeper the water, the more objects above the water often appear back-lit and dark against a light background.
  • The darker the conditions, the more objects underwater appear increasingly blacker and whiter.
  • Fish have very poor visual acuity – 20/200


Simms River Camo uses mother nature’s own mathematical signature in the design process – using theories like fractual math, chaos math and The Golden Mean, their camouflage is designed to distort the fish’s ability to detect shape and movement.


  • Large and small shapes for distortion and strong breakup of shapes at any distance.
  • Shape distortion influenced by both the environment and the way water manipulates light.
  • The colour palette is tuned to the river environment and the fish’s ability to see and perceive colour.

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